my mot has expired can i drive it to the garage





No, the mechanic would not be able to take the car for a test drive. Driving a car with an expired MOT would be illegal, the driver could prosecuted in court. I have forgotten my MOT what should I do?If your MOT has expired, the only time you are legally allowed to drive your car is when you are taking it to and from the garage. No, but you can drive it to the MOT station on the 31st Oct if it is booked in.Not legally you had time to get it done before it expired after it happens then its no longer good can chance it drive to a shop have it done hope you dont get caught. I had a mot today car previously of the road so was out of date it hasnt updated on the system yet and Ive left the certificate at garage will I be ok driving about asOur Response: If you do happen to get stopped for anything, the police will check your vehicle information and see that its MOT has expired. Read and Listen To Sentences Using the Word "Drive"Tom asked Mary to drive John to the airport.My mother has a drivers license, but she doesnt drive. When can you drive without an MOT. To drive on a public road, a car must be taxed (unless exempt), insured and have a valid MOT.Ideally of course, take advantage of a garages MOT test reminder service so you can get your car tested up to 1 month before your old MOT expires. I never cared how dirty I got, and spent much time sitting on the kitchen counter as my mother tried to pry the oil from under my nails while giving my father that face.The garage still has a lot of wheels in it, even absent a car and extra tires. I rang my local garage and have one booked for Monday, but will they have a stress at me for driving for almost 2 weeks without it? A very good point raised, you can legally drive to an MOT testing centre when yours has expired but you will need to check your insurance policy as most companies MOTs are renewed yearly, although you can go to the garage for a test at any time."can police seize your car if its got tax,mot,and insurance on it and the driver had abroad driving licince.Of course this is all well and good but in the meantime the tax disc has expired and being a Can I drive to the MoT station?Test case. Having persuaded my 93-year-old father to give up driving, his 14-year-old car has been parked in the garage for 10 months. You need an MOT before you can tax a vehicle, so if the MOT has expired you need to be able to get it to an MOT test centre.Q. My car has failed its MOT, can I still drive it? repaired and the garage filled out the accident damage to submit to the insurance company as wellAn FIR has been filed by me .

What can we expect on the FIR , the compensation to my mothersir, my mother expired in road accident. while i driving the motorcycle she was pillion . she was 50 For example if your certificate expires on the 21st March you can have your MOT test between the 22ndIf you have no need to worry, either bring your last MOT test number or V5C document to the garageIt is dangerous to drive an un-roadworthy vehicle and endorsements can be applied to your How didnt they know the MOT had expired?I wouldnt drive without the mot on the car, you are in enough financial problems without facing a 1000 fine and between 6-9 points on your licence.can you come to an agreement with the garage? ours is brill and often fixes Dhs car and we pay him on If your cars MOT has expired, youre not allowed to drive that vehicle.If an un-MOTd car fails its MOT test, youre legally not permitted to drive that anywhere other than to another -pre-booked MOT testing centre for a new appointment or a booked appointment at a garage to get repairs done. Im at uni, and my mum just text me to say my MOT expired a month ago! So, when i go back home at the beginning of June, i will have to drive my car to the garage to get it MOTdLast post: 1 minute ago. My mother wont help herself Started by: Know Your Enemy. Forum: Mental health. Its always a good idea to book your MOT in advance of its expiry. That way, if the car fails, you have choices. You can take your time to pick the garage that will be doing the remedial work if its required.If your car fails its MOT on the same day as the MOT expires, you can still drive it. (2nd verb negative) 2 When Ive passed my driving test I . . .

hire a car from our local garage.20 When the garage had repaired our car we . . . continue our journey. 21 At five years old he . . . read quite well. It has been expired since july, can i still drive it, do take the risk of my best answer no, you not legally it til current registration.Driving on expired tags is risky, depending your license validation, and my dad just bought a truck (from where he works) but discovered as we were leaving the garage, its got MOT expires 14/03/2011 - does this mean I can drive on this day but not after, or just before?i have a free mot for life with my car. if it fails the mot can i take it to another garage? its getting tested on 29th and mot expires 22 days after that date. Can I drive my car if my MOT certificate has expired?If your certificate has already expired, you will no longer be able to drive your car, unless you are taking it to a garage to have the failed defects fixed. If your vehicle doesnt have an MOT you can drive it to or from a pre-arranged MOT or to or from a pre-arranged appointment to have defects remedied that were discovered on a previous MOT test. MOT test, or MOT, refers to the testing done by Department for Transport-approved garages to determine whether vehicles are roadworthy.Upon receiving a notification of failure, the vehicle can only be driven to a garage where an appointment has been booked for the specified repairs. 5. Nick, why the car (not to lock) or (to put) into the garage? 6. When I saw the car it (to drive) at over 50 miles an hour.1.are built 2. were returned have been picked up 3. must be kept 4. are being mended 5. why hasnt the car been locked and put 6. was being driven 7.

has been taken will If you fail to plan ahead and your car fails its MoT on the day that the certificate expires, you cant drive it apart from in two instances.If doing a few basic checks once a month is just too much like hard work, some garages offer free health checks. Take the time to have one of these every few months at Can i drive my car if my mot expires 31 dec? Where in uk can u drive without a mot? Is it legal to drive if waiting for repair after mot fail?Can i drive to the vechile test centre when my mot and tax has expired? Where should I get my MOT done? How much does an MOT cost? Do council MOT test centres have better pass rates than normal garages?As soon as your MOT has expired it becomes illegal to drive your car on the road. Doing so risks prosecution. My mother was an obstacle.I started going to the garage in 1983. I was at the local garage in the old Bendel State for six years.Women just need to be mentored and counselled for them to have more drive to move themselves forward. You are not allowed to drive a vehicle if the MOT has expired. If caught you can be prosecuted. The only exceptions to this are if you are driving to a pre-booked MOT test, or are driving to a nearby garage to have the car repaired. Can I drive my car if my MOT certificate has expired?If your certificate has already expired, you will no longer be able to drive your car, unless you are taking it to a garage to have the failed defects fixed. Home. Driving and transport. Vehicle tax, MOT and insurance.Enter a vehicles details to see whether it has an MOT certificate and when it runs out. This service is also available in Welsh (Cymraeg).for the AA you can drive a car on which the MOT has expired to a pre-arranged 1st MOT appointment but not a retest but youMOT the car has had that year and it must be pre-booked with the garage. I know the tax thing used to cause Can you drive your vehicle if it has failed its MOT test? If your vehicle has failed its MOT when the certificate has expired: The law states each vehicle over three years old needs to have a valid MOT certificate. My hobby car (1971 Maserati Indy) has been sitting in my mothers garage for several years, because I have been too busy (read lazy) to take it out regularly. Therefore, before I can drive it without too much pucker in my hin You may only park in a garage if youre in stopover mode, or if the garage has designated spaces marked with a car2go sign.Keep in mind that minutes do take some time to post to your account all minutes do expire and cannot be applied to previous drives. The MOT has run out (Obviously with the SORN, its Tax disc has run out). Before we can tax it, it needs an MOT, can we drive it to a "booked" MOT garage and back again to get a new MOT certificate? (I know you used to be able to do this with just an expired tax disc BEST thing to do is to have your mother add you to her policy right away. The company will not charge back - they will charge the additional premium from the date you are added. OR, get your own car insurance. Mot Tax Direct debit. Q. My MOT has expired, I have a cracked windscreen which I cannot get done until March 21st as the glass has to be imported.This means I will have to drive it to the garage without a valid MOT and with out a valid insurance. What can i do if stopped and asked for a So, drove the car to Spain from UK recently, but when road tax was due the MOT had expired.Called DVLA, who recommended I SORN the car, and when entering UK make sure I have pre-booked MOT (can then drive legally straight to MOT garage, that is clear). 9.The administration plans to open a waterpark just.the street. 10.Am i allowed to drive canada with my US car.1. I keep my carin the garage, notinthe street 2. 5) on your can see the houses of parliament. 3. Turn.2)rightjust after the school. If your vehicle doesnt have an MOT you can drive it to or from a pre-arranged MOT or to or from a pre-arranged appointment to have defects remedied that were discovered on a previous MOT test. I am under the understanding that once the MOT has expired you are not permitted to drive at all unless going to and from a place of repair (MOT Garage or otherwise). Please can you clairfy the correct and legal thing to do. About MOTS at Service4Service. What is an MOT? Any vehicle driven on the road must be in a roadworthy condition and must have a valid MOT certificate registered.My MOT has already expired, can I drive my car? My car failed its MOT yesterday and, as a result of my bad time management, the tax disc has expired today.So lets say youre going to take it to garage A for repairs, and then to garage B for the test. Driving it to garage A would be illegal. After mot has expired how long to re new. Sample letter requesting for original official receipt certification of registration rea?You have to go to the DMV and take test over i believe. source: Is it possible to renew expired driving license in ksa? My MoT expires four days before the 40 year exemption begins - what do I do?You could certainly drive off without my card in the slot you could even lock the vehicle and walk away.Or driveAt a guess Id say the garage doesnt have the skill or tools or is unwilling to spend money to get this fixed. Check if your vehicle has a valid MOT. What happens if I forget my MOT?You should book your vehicle in for its MOT at your local garage and you are legally only allowed to drive a vehicle with an expired MOT when you are driving it to a garage for its MOT inspection. My MOT has expired, can I still drive? Generally no. However you are permitted to drive to a pre-booked MOT appointment at an MOT test centre and to drive away again if the vehicle has failed. In this circumstance you may then also drive to a garage for an pre-arranged repair MOT Frequently Asked Questions. Can I drive my car if the MOT Certificate has expired? You can drive your car without a valid certificate if you are driving either to/or from a pre-arranged MOT test, or to a garage to have work done on items that cause the vehicle to fail on the MOT test or from a (In my last trip to the garage, they did fix it, and the light went back on as I drove home!!!)My mother told me to never buy another Korean made car, and we are Korean!to help me but to continue to send it to the dealership to have it fixed. my warranty expires on this vehicle in